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  • Model: LWG-2 Aseptic Filling Machine

LWG-2 Aseptic Filling Machine

LWG-2 Paper Packaging Liquid Aseptic Filling Machine, which is developed on the basic of LWG-1, uses the great-leap-forward design and absorbs the latest aseptic system and high-speed filling technology of the world. Thus, the excellent aseptic performance is ensured and the speed and stability of filling is greatly enhanced. Comparing with LWG-1 Series, the LWG-2, the capability of which is raised 25% with its producing capacity up to 7500 packs/hour, has the features of perfect stability and automation.

According to the final product, LWG-2 filling machine is differentiated into 330S(330ml

slim), 250B(250ml standard), 250S(250ml slim), 200S(200ml slim), 125S(125ml slim) and 100B(100ml standard) which are ready for customersselection.


Technical Specification:

Product Capacity:                            7500 packs/hour

Dimension:                                      4700mm(L)×2300mm(W)×3800mm(H)

Power Supply:                                 50Hz,380V/220V

Power Heating:                                20KW

Power Sterilization:                          24KW

Power Production:                           24KW

Power Cleaning:                              5KW Compressed Air Pressure:               0.7Mpa(7bar)

Water:                                                0.45Mpa(4.5bar)

Steam Pressure:                               170±30Kpa(1.7±0.3bar)