Асептическое оборудование разлива


  • Model: LWG6F series flexible Aseptic Filling Machine

LWG6F series flexible Aseptic Filling Machine

1.       Flexible design, quick change package type, 30 minutes can replace the same section of different capacity package type.

2.       Fully servo drive without cam, reduce a large number of spare parts, decrease maintenance costs and maintenance is very easy.

3.       Sinking packing material feed mode,

4.       LWPAS-2 paper automatic splicer,

5.       LWSAS-2 PPP strip automatic splicer,

6.       SA and LS IH heater,

7.       LWAS-3 sterile system,

8.       LWCS-2 design correction unit,

9.       LWFS-2 filling system,

10.    LWOP Intelligent controller.

11.    Turntable final folder.

These latest technology improved the automation and the sterile performance and stability of equipment, decreased the operator labor intensity. Based on efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and stability, the LWG6 series filling machine can create more profit for customers.

According to the final product:

LWG6F type filling machine is used for milk, juice, beverage, etc. LWG6FY type filling machine is used for oil and condiment products.

According to the Shapes of Packing:

1000S(1000ml slim) 、 1000SQ(1000ml square) 、 500S(500ml slim)5 、 1000D(1000ml prisma)。

Technical Specification

Product Capacity:                              6000 packs/hour

Dimension:                                        5610mm(L)×2960mm(W)×4880mm(H)

Power Supply:                                   50Hz, 380V/220V Maximum Energy Consumption:  45Kw Compressed Air Pressure:                 0.6~1.0Mpa

Water Pressure:                                 0.45Mpa

Steam Pressure:                                 170±30kpa(1.7±0.3bar)