Аппликатор крышки


  • Model: TGJ-1 Cap Applicator

TGJ-1 Cap Applicator

TGJ-1 Cap Applicator used for pasting cap on the packages. Rotary disk sorting mechanism, glue and cap feeding system adopt cam and servo drive system, continuous, high-speed paste. TGJ-1 Cap Applicator adopts motion controller so as to ensure the smooth and high-speed running. The modular design makes the package type switching is more simple and fast. The high speed, high precision, high stability can save a lot of manpower cost and maintenance cost for customers.


Technical Specification:

Capacity:                                                9000 packs/hour

Dimension:                                           5320mm(L)×1510 mm(w)×2500mm(H)

Power Supply:                                     380V AC/50Hz Maximum Energy Consumption:                                                              13Kw